Year 2025,

Today’s featured personality is Dr Anuradha Bansal. She is a paediatrician, child health blogger, digital mentor and influencer, MRCPCH coach and a passionate mother.

She is the Professor of Paediatrics and Head of the department at a private medical college in Punjab. Her students adore her for her  teaching, especially clinical. Her patients have a long association with her, some of them as long as ten years ago.

Although she is a clinician , she believes “Prevention is better than cure”. She believes that she would be the happiest if her patients never need her. Her patients can get regular updates on preventive child health by installing her app “healthykids“. You can install it from playstore at a minimal membership fee. She even provides whatsapp and video consultation, although she also asserts that for some of the issues, child will need to be seen in person.

Her blog dranuradhabansal.com recently crossed one million subscribers. It is the no. 1 blog on child health in India. There are scores of articles on child care, newborn health and teen issues which serve as a guiding light to the parents.

Dr Anuradha Bansal owns a digital marketing company “AD digimark”. It initially started as a digital marketing venture for doctors four years ago. Now, she successfully handles the profiles of some big corporate hospitals in the region including her own hospital.

She believes in knowledge-sharing and making a difference on this Earth with her existence. She actively participates in training the masses about Basic Life Suppport (BLS). According to her, nothing can surpass the joy of saving someone’s life , in or out of hospital. Hence, she wants to impart this skill to every adult she comes in contact with.

However, busy she might be she is a hands-on mother. She manages all the issues related to her sons who are 12 and 10, herself. She takes pride in dancing to their tunes.

Dr Anuradha Bansal lives in a mansion in a city of Punjab. She manages most of her work from her office. She credits her success to her husband and both her mothers (birth mother and mother-in-law) , who have been standing strong by her for many years.

Her motto is “if you really believe in something, go for it. Limitation is only in the mind”.

We feel that her story will inspire other mums and enterpreneurs. We salute her dedication and determination.

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