Wvitamins & minerals to boost kids' immunity

7 important vitamins & minerals to boost your kids’ immunity

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Vitamins and minerals are protective foods. They boost our immunity”, read my 8year old son in his science book. “Mumma, what are protective foods, how do they boost our immunity?” he asked me. I explained to him, “Protective foods are the ones that protect us from diseases. They make our immune system (body system that fights germs) strong and hence boost our immunity.” Seeing him listening with interest, I jumped on this opportunity to educate him about vitamins and minerals as well as “healthy eating.” Here is the list of 7 key vitamins and minerals that boost our kids’ immunity Read more…

Breastfeeding for new mums-8 common problems & solutions

Reading Time: 5 minutes Breastfeeding for new mums- 8 common problems & solutions Table of Contents Breastfeeding for new mums- 8 common problems & solutions1. Insufficient milk supply2. Baby not feeding.3. Breastfeeding in public places.4. Breastfeeding for working moms. 5. Engorged breasts.6. Sore or bleeding nipples. 7. Inverted nipples. 8. Breastfeeding after COVID-19 vaccination. Breastfeeding is the best gift for a newborn baby. Mother’s milk is also called “passport to good health”. Rather, breastfeeding is the first vaccine for your little one. Most of you “new mums” must have promised yourself the best for your baby. And I am sure, exclusive breastfeeding must be on your Read more…

common breastfeeding problems and solutions

15 simple hacks to make your fussy eater eat healthy

Reading Time: 12 minutes 15 simple hacks to make your fussy eater eat healthy Table of Contents 15 simple hacks to make your fussy eater eat healthyWho is a “fussy eater”?Why do picky eaters become fussy?Why does this era belong to picky eaters?How to fix fussy eating behaviorCooking Suggestions. Respect your child’s appetite. 4. KISS the meal.  5. Meal times, fun & family times. 6. Reward, no bribes. 7. Make meal preparation fun.8.Get creative.9. Be the role model. 10. Variety is the spice of life. 11. Never give-up.12. Make food calorie dense. 13. Food Bridge.14. Supplements. 15. Avoid using threats.When to consult your doctor “My 3year old is a fussy eater!” “My toddler is Read more…

Top 10 Facts about COVID -19 vaccination – all you need to know

Reading Time: 8 minutes Finally Indian Govt has opened COVID-19 vaccination doors to everyone above 18 years of age. Keeping in view the population of India, it will be a long haul until COVID vaccines will reach every nook & corner of this country. Still, as they say, “Good begun is half done”. Before dwelling on the facts & myths, I would like to share two recent instances from my life that will give you a different perspective on this deadly pandemic. October 2020 A family friend along with his wife and parents became COVID positive after an unavoidable business trip. Thankfully, all of Read more…

Multiple intelligence test for children

Reading Time: < 1 minute Have you ever wondered if there was a test to assess your child’s hidden talents or interests? What if every child comes with a manual and you just have to push the “play” button?? Fascinating!! Isn’t it? Well, for the past few years, some schools have been using kids’ finger prints to assess their capabilities. This is called DMIT – DERMATOGLYPHICS MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE TEST. You can even buy a kit on Amazon and start doing it yourself too. However, the flip side is that currently, there is no scientific evidence to back up this new fascination. Rather, the psychiatrists have Read more…

Really easy to tips to Raising kids organically

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you hear Organic, it means not us about Spending premium prices on stuff in the sack of organic words. When it comes to Raising kids, something  happens naturally even if you and I are not present. Here my point is not to force kids to do things which they are not interested in and create an environment which is very much friendly to nature. Couple of teams visited different cities to do research about immunity. Where one couple has developed where kids play more on man made toys and they wear socks and much concern about cleanness. Another part of the Read more…

kids enjoying pool in summers

5 Super Amazing Tips For Healthy Summers for Kids

Reading Time: 4 minutes After the dull autumn and  long winters, spring is finally here.  So summers are also not far off.  Initially, it’s a welcome break from the monotony of  leafless trees, heavy  jackets and gloomy darkness of evenings.  The sight of colourful chrysanthemums, roses and marigolds in the gardens and parks,   kids in colorful clothes enjoying the rides and ice creams  makes you  swell with joy. Undoubtedly, spring is the season of all things happy and bright. As a child, it used to mean juicy mangoes, cool shakes and long summer vacation ahead! But , within a month, the season of diarrhea, Read more…

Top 10 queries on childhood autism – answers and explanations

Reading Time: 7 minutes Being a parent is a blessing which comes with its own set of worries and queries. At every stage of our baby’s life we are wondering, Is she growing well? Is he eating enough? Am I doing  everything right for my baby? Is his speech and development normal? Why is she not interacting yet? We get answers to most of these questions on your routine visits to doctor, ryt? However, in today’s world, its very common to get caught up in the daily life.  And then suddenly one fine day we find that something is amiss. We head to google Read more…

an autistic child busy with his toy
growing child

Child development in first year of life

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do you want to know if your baby is developing well? Do you keep comparing your little one’s development with her cousins? Read on to know “what is normal?” And, what is not. Gross motor:   Age (months) 3 5 6-7   8 9 10   12 Milestones Babies usually have a good head control by this age Baby can sit with support of cushions etc Can sit with the support of his/her hands , might sit independently for a moment Baby should be able to sit independently by this age Crawls Stands holding onto furniture , might walk holding Read more…

Thumb sucking in babies- causes and remedies

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Have you ever seen a toddler merrily sucking over his thumb or fingers? And, his troubled parents making a fuss over it?

Does your child walk around with a thumb in his mouth?

Have you tried all measures but can’t get your child over with thumb sucking?

Well today, you will get most of your answers.

Sucking is a normal response in babies. It helps them to feed on mother’s breast. As they learn to regard their hands by 3-4months, they start exploring their mouth with their hands.

Most of the babies stop thumb sucking by the age of 2years. However, many of them are stuck to this habit for over 5years.

Causes of thumb sucking

Anxiety:  Children might use sucking as a stress reliever. As they are  scolded or get anxious, they will slip into a corner sucking on to her thumb. Sucking has s soothing effect on their nerves.

Habit: For some of the kids it’s just a habit they can’t kick off. They just need a little push in the right direction.

Harms of thumb sucking

This habit is normal for infants. However, if your child continues with it in her toddler years, she is likely to face some issues like

1. Crowding of upper teeth: Continuous pressure on the palate due to thumb or finger causes crowding of teeth in upper jaw. Earlier, dentists used to worry about these issues only after permanent teeth start erupting. However, now they are worried about early years of life also. These kids might need braces for correction in teenage.

2. Inappropriate bite. Improper jaw development leads to inappropriate bite. This may lead to teeth grinding at night and erosion of edges of teeth. These kids might need to use a mouth guard to protect their teeth.

3. Speech issues: Due to undue pressure on upper jaw, they tend to develop a “lisp” as they learn to speak.

How to get rid of thumb sucking

All children eventually stop sucking their thumb. Nobody has ever entered a high school sucking on to his or her thumb or fingers. So, dear parents, you need to stop worrying first of all.

Earlier, no intervention was recommended for this habit until five years of age. And, by this time kids eventually outgrow it.

Nowadays,  dentists are worried more about dental development of kids. Hence, it is recommended that children should get rid of this habit by 3-4years of age.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get rid of thumb sucking in your child

  1. Talk her out of it: Kids are more likely to leave a habit if they are made aware of it. Many a times, thumb sucking is not intentional. So, it is good to talk to the child that this habit is damaging his teeth and harming his speech. Don’t pull the thumb out of his mouth when he is stressed. You are depriving him of his comfortable cushion.
  2. Use their favourite characters: If your child is fond of watching cartoons like Peppa Pig, sit down with him and say, “Look, George is not putting his thumb in his mouth!” If you see an episode where his favourite character is trying to break a habit, discuss with him and work out a way of getting rid of his own habit.
  3. Set the rules: Initially , to decrease the frequency, you can lay down certain rules like “no thumb while studying”, “don’t put anything in mouth in front of TV”, “avoid thumb sucking in public places”. They will gradually outgrow it.
  4. Use rewards: Reward your kiddo with a “star” or a small “ball” or “eraser” when they don’t suck their thumb for some period like an hour or so “You have been a good child today. Here is a star for you!”
  5. Visit to dentist: When you take your little one for regular dental check, discuss about this habit. When the doc will tell about the need for braces and mouth guard, child is more likely to understand the need to change.
  6. Aversive techniques: If none of the above measures work you might try,
    1. applying a bitter drug or nail polish to the thumb
    2. Using a finger guard or plaster

Scientifically, last technique is not recommended. Practically, I tried this with my three year old and it didn’t work. Finally, I  gave him the example of his favourite cartoon character “George Pig” and rewarded him with “stars” for positive behavior. And, bingo! his thumb was out of his mouth!

Which method worked for you? And, how much time did it take? Do share your experiences in comment box.

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