BLS Mass Awareness

Dr. Anuradha Bansal has been training hospital employees in skills of basic life support (BLS). Till now, she along with her team has trained around 250 non-medical hospital staff in this important skill.  Every person, whatever the age, should know how to cater to an unresponsive victim in out of hospital setting. If a person (adult or child)  who suddenly collapses or chokes receives immediate help, chances of his survival increase manifold.  This skill requires no formal education or instruments  – only our hands and a few skills. Of course, a zeal to save a life is needed which all of us have. BLS mass awareness courses can be conducted in community gatherings, societies and schools by trained professionals under the “Sanjeevani” programme to train people in skills of BLS, there is no pleasure and satisfaction greater than saving a life.


With Dr William Keenan, the father of NRP

Dr. Anuradha Bansal has been conducting neonatal resuscitation courses for nurses and paramedics for last one year, a total of 150 nurses have been trained so far. The aim of this course is to train paramedical health care professionals so that birth of every baby is attended by a trained person and, no baby suffers birth asphyxia (not crying after birth) and its consequences.

Both of these activities are recognized by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics and they provide formal training to qualified doctors before they are certified as trainers.

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Meenu Goel · August 13, 2019 at 5:12 am

Very informative which every parent should know…thanx Dr Anuradha for making us aware of all this

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