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Birth of a baby is actually a new birth for the couple as when. They evolve from husband and wife to mother and father. As soon as the baby comes into this world, new parents are bombarded with so many suggestions. Here are a few tips to decrease the anxiety of new parents:

  1. Baby should be kept in same room as the mother preferably the same bed.
  2. Breastfeeding should be started within half an hour of delivery. Thick white liquid which flows on first two days is rich in antibodies and enhances baby’s immunity. This liquid should definitely be fed to her.
  3. Avoid honey, water, ghurti, gripe water or any  feed.
  4. There are no dietary restrictions for new mums but they should drink plenty of water to ensure good milk output. A rough guide is to drink a glass of water every time you feed the baby.
  5. Babies are more prone to fall in body temperature. Hence, they should be adequately covered. Full sleeves with socks, mittens and cap – soft cottons in summers and woollens in winter.
  6. in extreme summers, you can switch on the AC, setting the temperature at 26 degrees.
  7. Do not apply anything on the umbilical cord. Keep it dry.
  8. No massages please. Coconut oil applied with light hands is good enough to keep the skin soft.
  9. Avoid fancy soaps and talcs. A simple moisturising soap is sufficient, no need for talcs.
  10. Wash  baby’s head with a mild baby shampoo (taking care to avoid eyes/nose/ mouth) and comb with a soft baby comb to avid formation of craddle cap.
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