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Are you an enterpreneur looking forward to taking your business ahead?

Do you wish to learn a new skill as digital marketing expert, freelancer, mentor or a digital marketing consultant??

Are you looking for  a side hustle in digital marketing???

……..then this article is for you.

Here, I am going to discuss about five basic fundamentals of digital marketing,

  1. Importance of communication skills
  2. what is CATT marketing funnel
  3. Why is “content” given so much importance
  4. Integrated digital marketing
  5. Personal branding

Friends, until sometime ago, I was browsing the web for an additional source of income, a new skill set  and how to go about it. I chose digital marketing, joined a few courses, read books and blogs –  and here I am  to share what I learnt.


Good marketing makes the company look smart

Great marketing makes the customer feel smart

–  Joebhai Chernov

If you have a business plan or an idea or a product that you wish to generate results for you, then you need to tell it smartly to the world.  You need to make the people feel that it would be smart decision to invest in “you” .

To discuss with your family and friends, you can simply go ahead and announce at the table. But this world would respond only to a well laid out plan, a strategy and your zeal to carry out that strategy. This is where you need “marketing”.


You might be just planning to start marketing but have no idea what to start with. Then also, nothing to worry! We are going to discuss that only.

Understand your target customer, their needs and chalk out a plan that fits their needs. And you are all set.

As they used to say in olden days “Customer is GOD”. Make a plan that fits the customer and tell your customer about it, create a place in his mind that keeps nudging him to buy your “product” or “idea” –  this is marketing.


Digital marketing is all about doing it on digital platform. As more and more people are spending a lot of time on internet, web platform will be  “THE” medium for marketing in coming years.

Well, by now, you must have understood, it’s a science, a math coupled with a bit of creativity, which you will learn as you take the plunge.

Lets talk about  the basics of digital marketing-

  1. Communication:  As I already said, unless your customer knows about you or your product, you won’t be able to sell  it. However, great might be the idea!!

You need to send right message to the right person at the right time.

This can be done via TV or radio advertisement too. Here,  you will be catering to millions of people without knowing if they are at all interested in your product/ skill/idea.

In digital marketing, you can attract interested clients and make a connection with them through communication, sitting right at your home or  from the comfort of your office.

You don’t need a “town crier”. Simply, send out the message in right way-

  1. Blogging- Start blogging about your niche or product. For example, if you own a boutique, you can start with blogging about “5 ways to drape a saree” or “Latest styles in bridal wear”. You can post images of your own products in your blog with a direct link to your website.

This way, the customer who is interested in bridal wear or sarees will come to your site and might even make a purchase! Less chances of window shopping!

2. Email- Once you start getting traffic on your blog, you can ask the people to subscribe to your emails or sign up with an email. You can then send them promotional messages or discount offers directly.

3. Phone calls – When a client makes a purchase, you can ask them to leave their phone no. You can make a phone call a few days later asking about “how they liked your product or services”. This will build a bond and that customer will always come back to you. She will even bring the other customers to you – “word of mouth” marketing.

  1. nCATT marketing funnel – Folks, you must have started getting some clarity about how to start with digital marketing. It can be summarised in this pneumonic called nCATT marketing funnel.

a) n= niche. Of course, before starting with marketing or mentoring , you need to decide on a niche – a domain you are talented in, are passionate about and which has a demand in the market.

If you are yet to choose a niche, you must keep world economics and for that matter your country’s economy in mind.

Like, average  Indian age is 27years.  So these people are going to join a gym, party in restaurants, marry, have kids, buy their first car or scooter, rent or buy a house and so on. Hence, India is a good market for all these products or services.

On the contrary, median age of Switzerland is 42years. Many of them  are already through with family rearing business. They will form the market for insurance companies, health care industry, etc.

As the dynamics of world economy change, like with the onset of COVID pandemic, you might need to change or redirect  your focus too.  That is why, world is now shifting towards digital marketing.

b) C=content. Once you have decided on a niche, start generating content about it. It could be a blog, a youtube video, podcast or an infographic –  anything you feel comfortable with (you can even start with multiple channels – the more the merrier). Your content might be related to history of your niche or products, how to use them or available choices or a piece of useful information. For instance, if your niche is baking, you can blog about “5 best Christmas cake recipes to vouch for” or “how to make the cookies that don’t crumble”. Once you start getting traffic to your blog, you might get affiliate links to the various ingredients or equipment related to bakery.  And if you own a bakery, you might attract more customers!

c) A= attention. You might have published a wonderful blog, oozing with valuable content. But what if no one gets to read it?

It would be of no use,  right? Again, communication!

Share the link to your content on social media, forward it to your email contacts, ask your well wishers to share it and drive traffic to your blog.

d)T=Trust. Never post a content with sole intention of getting customers or traffic. Provide some valuable information. This will generate trust of the clients and they will keep coming to you for more. Then you  can close in on sales.

e)T=Transaction. Once you have driven a good deal of traffic to your content, you can offer your products and services on your website. When people trust you, transactions will happen automatically.

If the product is good, people will keep coming back to you for more content and their future needs. Of course, the product or service has to satisfy their needs. Marketing is nothing without a quality product!


Henceforth, CATT cycle will continue in a loop. You attract more customers via content and trust, keeping the existing customers hooked to you by selling quality product or service.

  1. Importance of Content: Well by now you must have understood “Content is the king” in any form of marketing. And same holds true for digital marketing.                                                       ” Content builds relationship

             Relationships are built on trust

             Trust drives revenue”     

                                                                                                                       -Andrew Davis

  1. Integrated digital marketing: Do not take different aspects of digital marketing as separate domains. Integrate them all in your marketing strategies.

Keep your content as the centre, then use all the available avenues to  drive traffic to your content. This way, you will definitely clock in more sales and generate more wealth.

  1. Personal branding:

I am sure all of us would like to buy branded goods if they are affordable and reachable. WHY? Because we trust them.

This is the gist of marketing too.

Make yourself a brand. Be the only one in your niche.


If the market is already crowded, adopt a unique angle or be the brand for a subcategory. This way,  customers who are looking for that subcategory will come to you & you only. As you all know, there are  so many e-commerce websites. But most people correlate online shopping with amazon. Now if you create another ecommerce website , you will be competing with Amazon which  flipkart  , snapdeal and shopclues are already doing.  Instead, start ecommerce in  a subcategory like pepperfry did in furniture and firstcry in child care products. And, you will have more chances of succeeding.

So friends, long post eh? But I know if you read it till the  end, you are deeply interested in digital marketing. With right decisions, I am sure you are gonna make it!

To conclude, focus on FOUR things

Create (product/idea/ niche)



Integrate (all strategies)


……………………………………and the world of marketing  is yours.                                                                       PS:    This blog is a part of Digital Deepak Internship programme. You can learn more about him at www.digitaldeepak.com.

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