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Have you ever wondered if there was a test to assess your child’s hidden talents or interests? What if every child comes with a manual and you just have to push the “play” button??

Fascinating!! Isn’t it?

Well, for the past few years, some schools have been using kids’ finger prints to assess their capabilities. This is called DMIT – DERMATOGLYPHICS MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE TEST.

You can even buy a kit on Amazon and start doing it yourself too.

However, the flip side is that currently, there is no scientific evidence to back up this new fascination. Rather, the psychiatrists have expressed serious concerns regarding the use of this test. It puts undue pressure on the child.  Parents and teachers start working on a particular talent whereas the child might or might not be cut out for that niche.

DMIT or no DMIT, every child comes with his own set of talents. Just let them play around, explore, experiment and express themselves. Their talent will unfold by itself in due time.

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