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Toilet training is a stressful phase both for parents and toddlers.

Lack of patience on our part can make things difficult for children. They are likely to develop fear of using the toilet and hence hold their  bowels leading to functional constipation.

Here are a few tips to potty train your child the right way,

1. Mostly toddlers are ready to be potty trained by the age of two and a half. But it may vary a little from child to child. Some toddlers start showing discomfort with diapers, indicating that they are ready to be trained.

2. Use the rule of “1”

a.  One person makes her sit on the seat daily

b.Use same word for using the toilet whether it’s poo, poo-poo or potty or anything

c. Make her sit on the seat for 15minutes  at same time everyday, twice. Best would be after breakfast and dinner.

3. Make sure the kid is comfortable on the seat. You can use a foot stool so that his feet are not dangling in the air.

4. You can read a story to your little one to retain him on the seat

5. Child might not empty his bowels on the seat initially. Don’t fret, let them poop in the diaper. But continue with the ritual.

6. Reward your little one with a star or a small toy each time she poops on the toilet seat.

7. However, don’t punish him for not using the toilet.

8. Don’t force your child to visit the bathroom. If he is not ready, give him a break for a few days and try again.

9. Make sure your child drinks enough water and takes a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to avoid constipation.

I hope these measures make toilet training easy for you and your baby.

Happy parenting!




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