So finally after the long wait,, monsoons have blessed north India. Temperatures have dropped and  there is greenery all around. But, BUT! BUT! BUT! If rains are here,  can monsoon illnesses be far behind? They are right here knocking at our doors and we have to shoo them away before they step in. And, if at all they step in, don’t let them beyond the doorstep.

First things first, how can we keep our li’l ones protected from these monsoon monsters. As they say’ “prevention is better than cure”, it would be the best to get our sweetie pies vaccinated against typhoid and hepatitis A. Both these are food and water-borne illnesses and preventable to quite some extent. Both the vaccines are single dose and give life-long protection. So consult your paediatrician about these vaccines. Second important step is hygiene. I am sure all of you have installed swanky water filters at home and    ensure handwashing before eating food. And you get 100% marks for that. Another important thing is eating out. Try to avoid it as much as possible in this weather. And when you go to that friend’s birthday party or kitty, avoid salads, cut fruit and yogurt. Cooked food is less likely to make you sick.  It would be better to stick to fine dining restaurants as they have some quality standards to maintain. Dhabas and those so-called healthy juicewallas  are a total no no. These chaps have no access to clean water and there is no quality control on them. So keep them away during this season atleast.

If rains are here , mosquitoes are also buzzing in the backdrop ringing in dengue, malaria and chikungunya. So take out those full sleeve t-shirts and pyjamas for your munchkins. Well, the kido maynot like being fully covered. Go for odomos on uncovered body parts. Keep your surroundings clean – no standing water, regular cleaning of water coolers – Swachch Bharat Abhiyan you see. Take special precautions if you n your kidos are adventure enthusiasts and are planning a trek to the hills – keep yourselves covered as there is additional risk of scrub typhus. And if at all  your child develops high fever (102-103⁰F),  consult your paediatrician immediately for appropriate management.

Does your kido like to jump in water puddles or bathe in the rain? Well let them have fun but make sure that they have a nice bath with soap and water afterwards to avoid all those boils and skin allergies.

Last but not the least, a good diet rich in fruits and vegetables to boost their immunity is essential in this season. You can treat them to homemade pakodas, besan chilla and kheer. They will be happy enjoying these treats and you have no fear of diseases.

So dear mommies, sit back in your balcony with your cup of tea and enjoy the pitter-patter of raindrops. And, keep your angels protected by following these simple steps. HAPPY MONSOONS!

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