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Dear friends, with the onset of winter season, risk of flu and chest infections starts rising. Also, outdoor air pollution is an important contributor. This year pandemic of coronavirus is another big enemy of our lungs.

Well, we can prevent corona by mask and social distancing only . However, there are other lung infections for which we have an effective vaccine available. Here is a ready reckoner

1. Nutrition: Poor nutrition is the biggest risk factor for any pneumonia in children. A child may be under, normal or overweight, but if he is suffering from deficiency of vitamins A, D or zinc, he will be prone to chest infection. Good nutrition is the best vaccine for your baby. Give them a diet rich in fruits, nuts, vegetables, milk and eggs and stay away from junk food.

Measles & chickenpox. These are viral infections which themselves cause only fever and rash.  But , they weaken the immune system and increase the risk of serious, life threatening bacterial pneumonia. To prevent them,

A. Measles vaccine is given in two doses – one at 9months and second at 1y 3 months of age.

B. Chickenpox vaccine is given in two doses starting at 1year 3months and second dose at five years age.

If you are worried about too many injections, a combined vaccine is also available wherein both these injections are given in single shot.

3. PCV. This vaccine protects your baby against bacterial pneumonia. It is given in three doses , starting from 6weeks of age. Thereafter, baby gets a booster at one and a half years of age.

If you have forgotten PCV shots of your baby during routine immunisation  visits, you can ask your doctor for catch up vaccination.

4. Flu: Flu or influenza vaccine protects against both seasonal flu and viral pneumonia. All babies should receive their flu shot once a year in September or October. Babies between 6-12months of age will need two doses at the gap of one month. For older children, it is single dose yearly.

Dear parents, give your little angels the gift of these vaccines and enjoy the festivities stress free.

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