Journal Publications

1. Anuradha Bansal, Deepak Chawla. Mortality and morbidity profile of preterm very low birth weight infants-a prospective, longitudinal, observational study. Indian J Child Health 2017 ; 4(2):225-30.
2. Anuradha Bansal. Comparison of outcome of very low birth weight babies with developed countries: a prospective, longitudinal observational study. J Clin Neonatology 2018; 7(4): 254
3. Srinivas Murki, Neeraj Kumar, Deepak Chawla, Anuradha Bansal, et al. Variability in survival of very low birth weight neonates in hospitals of India. Indian J  Pediatr 2015.
4. T Abhiramlatha, Anuradha Bansal, S Sudha. Unusual presentation of foreign body aspiration as pleural effusion in an infant. Indian J Paediatr 2014;81(3):305.
5. “Intrapericardial herniation of liver: a case report” – N B Mathur, Anuradha Bansal, S K Aggarwal – Indian Pediatrics, August 2011.

6. “Study of efficacy of zinc supplementation in management of severe acute ower respiratory tract infections in children aged 2-24 months in a triple blind randomized placebo controlled trial”- Anuradha Bansal, Veena Parmar, Srikanta Basu, Jasbinder Kaur, Suksham Jain, Abhijeet Saha, Deepak Chawla ; Indian Journal of Pediatrics, September 2010.

7. “Strangulation injury from indigenous rocking cradle: Case report from rural India” – Abhijeet Saha, Prerna Batra, Anuradha Bansal - Journal of emergencies, trauma and shock, July-September 2010.

8. “Bilirubin rebound after intensive phototherapy in neonates” – Anuradha Bansal, Deepak Chawla, Suksham Jain, Veena Parmar – Indian Pediatrics October 2009(online); July 2010.

9. “Neonatal research: Parent’s perception of informed consent” – Suksham Jain, Deepak Chawla, Anuradha Bansal; The Indian Journal of Pediatrics, July 2010.

10. “Postobstructive pulmonary edema following accidental strangulation” – Abhijeet Saha, Anuradha Bansal, Saranjit Kaur -Indian Journal of Pediatrics, May 2010.

11. “SNAPPE II score for predicting mortality in a level II neonatal intensive care unit” – Suksham Jain,  Anuradha Bansal ;  Dicle Medical Journal December 2009.

12. “Narcolepsy presenting as refractory epilepsy” - Anoop Kumar Singh, Abhijeet Saha, Naveen Dutt, P.R. Mohapatra, A.K. Janmeja and Anuradha Bansal; Indian Journal of Pediatrics October 2009.

13. “Iatrogenic potassium permanganate poisoning” – Abhijeet Saha, Anuradha Bansal, Saranjit Kaur -  Accepted for publication in the “Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology”


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