• Talk as faculty in “Clinical clues workshop” by IAP, Rajasthan, October 2020
  • Talk as faculty in North zone Adolescon 2020 – “Childhood vaccination – Adolescent health perspective”.
  •          Paper presentation in  Adolescon 2020 (judged second best paper )
    “Body image issues in adolescents”. By  Anuradha Bansal,  HS Bains.
  • Talk as faculty in Neocon 2019 – “Neonatal transport”
  • Talk as faculty in “TRAC Module” organized by Ludhiana Academy of Paediatrics, December 2019
  • Talk as faculty in “United airways module” organized by Jalandhar Academy of Paediatrics, September 2018.
  • Talk as faculty in “IDICON” Organised by Jalandhar Academy of Paediatrics. July 2018.
  • Paper presentation for S.T. Achar award in PEDICON 2009 – “Study of efficacy of zinc supplementation in management of severe acute lower respiratory tract                infections in children aged 2-24 months in a triple blind randomized placebo controlled trial.” By Anuradha Bansal, Suksham Jain, Deepak Chawla. 
  • Paper presentation in NEOCON 2008 – “Bilirubin rebound after intensive phototherapy for neonatal jaundice.” By Anuradha Bansal, Suksham Jain, Veena                       Parmar, Deepak Chawla.

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