IPD-Inpatient Care

Dr. Anuradha Bansal, a renowned Child Specialist, offers top-notch Inpatient Department (IPD) services for children of all ages. With a focus on providing the best possible care, she and her team of experienced pediatricians and nurses are dedicated to helping children recover and return to good health. The IPD offers a full range of medical services and treatments, including but not limited to: Pediatric surgeries and procedures Treatment for acute and chronic illnesses Pediatric intensive care Fluid therapy,Nebulisation,Treatment of jaundice, typhoid, dengue, hepatitis & all childhood infections,Management of asthma, pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses,Treatment of diarrhoea and dehydration Pain management and symptom control Nutrition support and feeding management Physical and Occupational therapy. The IPD facilities are equipped with the latest medical technology and staffed by a highly trained and compassionate team of healthcare professionals. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and designed to provide a nurturing environment for children and their families. Dr. Bansal works closely with the IPD team to develop personalized treatment plans and monitor progress. She also ensures that families are fully informed about their child's condition and involved in the decision-making process. To avail of Dr. Bansal's IPD services, a referral from a general practitioner or other healthcare provider may be required. For more information on admission procedures, please contact the hospital. Put your child's health in the capable hands of Dr. Anuradha Bansal, Child Specialist, and experience the highest quality of pediatric care.

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