Coronavirus (COVID-19) scare : THINGS TO DO

Coronavirus (COVID-19) scare : THINGS TO DO

Of late, corona virus disease has created panic all over the world. This is a new strain not previously identified in humans.  The virus usually causes flu like illness with a risk of progression to pneumonia. Some patients may have diarrhea also. A person may develop symptoms upto 2-14days after exposure to an infected individual. However, many persons might remain symptom free or have only mild flu after exposure. These individuals can infect other patients.

So corona virus disease is highly infectious. But good news is that reported death rate from this virus is  1.4 – 2%. This is much lower than previous epidemics of SARS and MERS. However, there is higher risk of death in elderly and those with pre-existing diabetes, heart or lung diseases or deficiency of immune system. No cases have been seen in children less than 15y of age.

Till now, there is no effective cure for the disease. We can take following precautions to protect ourselves from this infection:

Frequent hand washing.

Remember to wash your hands with soap and water after

  • Coughing & sneezing
  • Using toilet
  •  Before and after caring for sick person
  •  Before and after cooking
  •  Before eating

Use of hand sanitiser after touching the surfaces
Avoid close contact with a person who has cough, cold and fever
When coughing/ sneezing, cover mouth and nose with handkerchief, tissue or elbow, not hands.
If you have fever, cough or breathing difficulty
Avoid travel
Wash hands frequently
Visit your doctor
Share your travel history with your doctor

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