The Ultimate Guide To Stepping Out With Your Baby

The Ultimate Guide To Stepping Out With Your Baby

Birth of a baby totally changes the parents’ life for good.

There is a baby cot adjacent to the bed.

Instead of snoozing through the night, you are waking up every few hours – feeding, cleaning or just checking up on the little one.

Wherever you go, baby grabs all the attention. Well, well, well….

You must be thinking, going out with the baby? You gotta kidding me!

Believe it or not, it’s a memorable experience. Only thing is that we have to  be a little more prepared before stepping out of the house.

Diaper bag is the biggest savior for parents while going out. Just like any other parent, I myself had tons of questions while packing diaper bag for the first time.

Here is what I learnt from my experience,

Why to pack the diaper bag

When you are with the baby, you need several things at a hat’s drop. If they are nicely arranged in different compartments of  a bag, you can easily fish out what you need. No need to empty your handbag and get frustrated every time you need a wipe or face cloth.

Babies are likely to get soiled frequently. Keeping the supplies within reach might save you the embarrassment of leaving a party midway or coming home in a smelly, soiled car. And of course, spoilt mood.

Your baby should have something to flaunt too. Why not his own bag!

What are diaper bag essentials?

So, now we know we need to carry a diaper bag when heading out with the little one.

Here is a complete list of stuff to be packed,

  1. Baby diapers: Well, its a diaper bag! So you definitely need to pack the nappies. Pack at least four, even though you are going out for a short while. Sometimes, the diaper gets soiled as you are changing it or the pee (urine) leaks from the sides. Always pack extra!
  2. Baby wipes: This is one essential I can vouch for. Baby wipes are a blessing to clear any mess – pee, poop, puke, spit up  – there and then. You can even wipe the baby’s face with it. Keep a small pack in front pocket for easy access.
  3. Nursing cloak: If you are breastfeeding your baby, you need to carry a stole or a nursing cloak to cover yourself while feeding the baby. Luckily, many public places have “baby feeding rooms”. But, what if it is occupied and your angel is howling with hunger!
  4. Disposable bag: You can use them for discarding changed diaper, soiled wipes or for packing soiled clothes so that there is no bad odour in the car.

5. Baby food/ milk supplies: If your baby is older than six months, you would definitely like to carry something to feed him and of course, a small water bottle.  Take a sterilised bowl and two spoons (babies tend to drop things a lot!).

You can pack a small portion of her puree/ porridge in a small tiffin and carry a flask of hot water. Wherever you are, just immerse the tiffin in hot water for  a few minutes and you have lukewarm meal to feed her – untouched by anyone else.

Likewise, you can carry formula or cereal in a sealed container and prepare it fresh in a small bowl that you have packed for the outing. Or to make it simpler, pack a banana in a banana box. When the baby is hungry, mash it in a bowl with the back of spoon and feed.

6. Facecloth / hand towel: To dry or pat wet hands/ face.

7. A change of dress: You don't want your baby to look messy if she has soiled, ryt?

8. Toy: Pack his favourite toy or teether to pacify him, if at all he gets cranky.

9.Medicine: If your little one has been prescribed some medicine by the doctor, don't forget to pack it in a seal proof packet in a pocket which is not accessible to your baby.

10. Swaddle sheet: They come in handy if baby sleeps in your lap and you wish to lay her on a couch for sometime.

11. Coconut oil or diaper rash cream: You don’t want your baby to keep crying all the way home, if you suddenly discover a nappy rash. Keep the remedy close by.

11. I personally carry  a paper soap too wherever I go, so that I don't have to compromise on the hygiene

12. Contact info: You can leave your business card or phone number on a piece of paper inside the bag. This way, it will be returned to you if misplaced and discovered in honest hands!

Which bag to choose – sling or backpack?

Nowadays, there are a variety of diaper bags available in the market. While sling ones are easy to carry for mums, dads might be more comfortable with backpacks.

A few advantages with backpacks are:

  1. Weight of the bag is equally distributed on both shoulders so you are less likely to get tired.
  2.  You can pack heavy if its  a backpack as they are usually more spacious.

On the other hand, slings are usually more trendy and have more variety available in the market. Choice is yours!!

Changes in 2020: 

This COVID pandemic has added  a thing to diaper bags too  – hand sanitiser. Do pack a small one, so that you can sanitise your hands before touching the baby. Just make sure to keep it out of reach of the little one.

Dear friends, pack your essentials  and step out in style to make memories with your baby.

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