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A paediatrician, a mom, a wife , a daughter – juggling all the roles with a passion for writing. Dr. Anuradha Bansal has done MBBS from GMCH, Chandigarh (batch 2000). She was a meritorious student all through, winning gold and silver medals in various subjects. She did her post graduation in Paediatrics from the same institute (2006-2009). During this period, her thesis was selected for the IJP  best  thesis award. Following this, she went on to pursue her senior residency in Paediatrics from Maulana Azad Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi to polish her clinical skills under senior Paediatricians like Professor Siddarth Ramji, Prof Sangeeta Yadav and Prof Urmila Jhamb (2009-2012). She did her fellowship in neonatology from GMCH, Chandigarh (2012-2013) and   since then, has been working as Associate Professor in the department of Paediatrics at PIMS, Jalandhar.


Pediatrician, Neonatologist, Adolescent Health Specialist

Years of Experience

13+ Years of Experience

PIMS - Jalandhar

Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences


Basic Life Support faculty

GMC, Amritsar

On 25.1.2020, invited as faculty for BLS provider course at Govt Medical College , Amritsar. 60 participants received training in skills of BLS

Neonatal Transport

Neocon 2019, Hotel Novotel Hyderabad

Talk on neonatal transport at national Neonatology conference 2019, Hyderabad

Civil hospital Jalandhar

Rotavirus vaccine launch

Delivered a talk on rotavirus vaccines to medical officers at civil hospital, Jalandhar - launch of rotavirus vaccines

Neonatal Resuscitation Programme

40 nurses & doctors trained

Training of staff nurse s in skills of neonatal resuscitation..NRP

50 Doctors Trained

BLS at SGRD Amritsar

Trained 50 doctors in skills of BLS at SGRD Amritsar on 28.2.2020

Best Branch Award

On behalf of Punjab NNF

Receiving best branch award on behalf of Punjab NNF

Delivering happiness in COVID times

Brain malformation with seizures

Brain malformation with seizures

This baby was born through a caesarean section. Mother’s ultrasound had shown that baby had very small head. Obstetrician requested for a Neonatologist to be present at the time of delivery and hence, Dr Anuradha Bansal was called for. Baby had very small head like that of a premature baby. She started having seizures (fits) which were managed with multiple drugs. She became oxygen dependent probably due to her brain issues. Finally, due to lockdown, she was discharged home on oxygen. Now, she is two months old, enjoying her parents’ love, without oxygen.

7 months preterm

7 months preterm

This baby was born at 7months (31weeks) of pregnancy, birth weight 1200g. Mother had severe infection at the time of delivery due to which she could not survive. The baby was kept in ICU in view of prematurity and discharged after 21days with a weight of 1400g.

Birth asphyxia with seizures

Birth asphyxia with seizures

This baby was referred from a private hospital in Nawanshahar. Baby did not cry after birth and had been having multiple episodes of fits. He also had severe blood infection with low platelet counts. He was discharged in good condition on day 10 of life

Term baby with respiratory distress

Term baby with respiratory distress

This baby was born at term, shifted to mother. But he developed breathing difficulty after 4hours. Baby was managed with CPAP & oxygen therapy , discharged in good condition after five days

Preterm with birth asphyxia

Preterm with birth asphyxia

This baby was born at 34weeks (8th month) of pregnancy, BIRTH WEIGHT 1700g, baby had no breathing and occasional heart beat at birth. She was resuscitated and actively managed in NICU, discharged hail and hearty after 10days

Severe jaundice

Severe jaundice

4 days old baby admitted with severe jaundice, a bilirubin of 26mg/dl – discharged hail and hearty after four days of treatment

Jaundice with dehydrarion

Jaundice with dehydrarion

3 days old baby admitted with severe jaundice and dehydration. Bilirubin levels were very high 22.8mg/dl - discharged after three days of intensive phototherapy

Severe jaundice after discharge

Severe jaundice after discharge

This sleeping beauty was yellow as turmeric when he came to us at the age of five days with a bilirubin of 26.7mg/dl – managed intensively – now ready to go home

Term baby 1500g

Term baby 1500g

This little angel was born in wee hours of morning at 4am. Although full term, her birth weight was only 1.5kg, meaning she had not been able to grow well in her mother’s womb. And, here she is ready to go home with increasing weight gorging on panacea of mother’s milk

Term baby with respiratory failure

Term baby with respiratory failure

This baby was born at term but had passed meconium (stool) in mother’s womb and taken it down his lungs ( meconium aspiration) . He could barely breathe at birth and was blue. He was immediately put on ventilator. He needed very high settings for first two days, now ready to go home, hail and hearty

Jaundice with impending brain damage

Jaundice with impending brain damage

This baby scared us when he was brought by parents on day 5 of life. His bilirubin was skyrocketing at 31mg/dl. He was immediately admitted and managed with intensive phototherapy. He was discharged after five days with normal neurological system (high bilirubin above 20mg/dl has high chances of causing permanent or transient brain damage


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