Really easy to tips to Raising kids organically

Really easy to tips to Raising kids organically

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When you hear Organic, it means not us about Spending premium prices on stuff in the sack of organic words. When it comes to Raising kids, something  happens naturally even if you and I are not present.


Here my point is not to force kids to do things which they are not interested in and create an environment which is very much friendly to nature.

Couple of teams visited different cities to do research about immunity. Where one couple has developed where kids play more on man made toys and they wear socks and much concern about cleanness.
Another part of the city is exactly opposite, where kids used to play in dirty  water and play with mud and clay.
When they see their health results, it was a bit surprising as the Kid who played dirty water is having very good immunity then the group of kids who is playing in the clean surrounding.
I’m not saying we should be dirty, here the point is we should allow kids to be friendly with nature to make their immunity strong.
Like making them play in the Sandy area and if they like and enjoy it we can leave them playing in rain water in the rainy season.
If you feel some routine is done by your kid, then you have to do first. You should adopt that as a part of your daily routine. Then the kid will do the same naturally without force. Example if you like to increase reading habits on your child instead of insisting him to read make a routine as a parent to read for sometime daily  , kids will do what they see , instead of what we tell them.

Don’t over produce your kid. Example climbing a tree is related to their critical thinking. When they get into some difficult situation their mind should help them to take best decision
Instead of asking them to read a book for an exam, ask them to explore the entire forest. Instead of asking them to read about butterflies in books, bring them to a farming field where they can see the butter. That time it will not leer , its experience. When you feel the experience then you process the information and analyse them. New innovation starts from them.

Here is my kid who asked me a recent question, why is our Hair is growing? I told because we are eating food .But his answer was a bit surprising for me, hair is  growing because we are taking bath.

I Asked how to come. Then he explained about Plants growing because I’m giving water daily. My hair grows because I take baths daily.

The Answer looks funny and it’s another angle of thinking.
As one of my friend’s kids asked his pregnant mom, why don’t you like my little brother( baby inside the womb she calls as brother) my fri33ndly replied I like brother and you both . Then she asked then why did you eat him? If we eat only it will go to the stomach now.
I’m sure you never ever think in this way. This is how kids think and react to the issue and problem. So we should leave them to nature instead of giving guidance in each and everything until unless mandatory comes.

Do you come across any such thing in your life? share in command. Also what is more interesting in your childhood activity you feel we should follow in the current generation is that parents share it in command.

Lets together make this world beautiful for our little one!

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